Fingerprint Authentication Is Not Safe For All : According To Reports.

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Today lets discuss about safety of fingerprint authentication for different types of persons, according to there status position. Though fingerprint is highly secured it is not provide high security for those who are in a high status of living means that who wanted to protect their assets against those attackers.

Not every finger print scanners are safe.

Did You Know: Hackers can easily bypass fingerprint security about 80% of the time.  This was recently found in a survey conducted by CISCO's "Talos Intelligence Group".

Fingerprint Security is a type of home, means you can protect your household data from petty crimes, robbers but the same data cannot be secured from secret agents, intelligence groups... It is clear that fingerprint security is high enough for common people, other regular users. But is not a good choice for those high-profile users. It is recommended that these high-profile users must use a very strong password or passcode with a two-factor authentication.

How Fake Fingerprints Made?

There may be many ways to create a fake fingerprints but these three ways are reported high possibility by which fake fingerprints are made.

Direct Collection: Using the real finger to create the mould of the fingerprint.

Sensor: Attaining a bitmap image from the fingerprint sensor.

Third-Party: Taking a fingerprint on the glass and using graphite powder with a brush to increase the contrast on the fingerprint ridges.

Tested and Recorded:

These Talos Intelligence team tested variety of devices including smart phone (iOS and Android), desktop both Microsoft and MacOS and also two USB-encrypted portable drives that use fingerprint security. The spoofing of fingerprints can be done in some of the android devices and Macbook 2018 easily at a chances of 90%. Also look at Vulnerabilities of Apple  products. There are some devices which are at very low risk of this spoofing.   Samsung A70 is one of them and it is highlighted that the authentication of sensor is very low even with real fingerprint. The team also said the the fingerprint sensor's authentication is actually weakened compared to when it was first made in 2013.

Windows 10 cannot be spoofed with those fake fingerprints as it is protected by windows Hello framework. The major difference between MacOS and Windows is the OS design. It is proved that not only sensor plays the major role, but also this designed OS makes a big difference. The portable devices were also well protected as all the attempts of spoofing failed. But a Padlock was not particularly well protected and was by-passable at a similar rate to smart phones.

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