A Battery That Can Be Bent, Stretched And Twisted

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With the increasing industrial technology of thin gadgets such as smart phones, Laptops and other wearable electronics, their is a high demand for a battery cell which is more portable, effective and can be bent for multipurpose uses. Now lets discuss how this idea lead to the development of a design and finally the outcome.

Battery That can be Stretched:

Ana səhifə - IKT
Battery That Can Be Twisted.

A battery with a twist | ETH Zurich
The schematic of the battery.

This is battery that can bent, twisted and we can make any thing with that, this battery will be used in future gadgets. This design is now under experimentation and their are many outcomes. With two major outcome one with made if zinc and other with copper.

Designs And Their Outcomes:

Research at ETH:

From National Science Foundation:

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