The Perfect Working Theory Of Ant-Man's Suit & Pym Particles

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How many of you watched the Marvel Cinematic Movie 'Ant-man'. The movie Ant-man which is full of contradictions and breaking the present laws of physics came up with the solutions. These solutions are cracked and analysed from 'Marvel Comics' by Vigyan Geeks collaborated with Marvelism Official

Even the theory written in comic book wasn't completely accurate having a few contradictions. But here in this post, we tried our best to smash almost all the contradictions into pieces.

The Abilities Of Ant-man:

Everyone knows that the super power of ant-man is to change his size according to his need and requirements. If you have watched Ant-Man, and Ant-Man & the Wasp, then you can clearly understand the topics now we are going to discuss. 

ant-man on flying ant
Ant-man on flying ant (source: pinterest)

Let me ask you something.
  • Does mass vary when ant-man changes his size?
  • How ant-man gave strong punches even in his smallest size?
  • Does Pym particles reduce atomic distance between atoms or do they reduce size of an atom?
  • What if ant-man can only change size?
The movie which is completely against the laws of physics was launched on July, 2015 staring Paul Rudd (Scott / Ant-Man). 

There are many theories explaining the ant-man powers and his ability to change his size. But none of them never explained everything in a proper manner. But today we came up with the exact theory explained in Marvel Comics(book) and cracked the equation. 

Before we write the correct one, we write one of the major theory which is false, i.e. mass constant theory.

The Mass Constant Theory:

If mass is constant, than let's consider these cases. A normal man weighs about 60-70kg on an average. 

ant man crashing plane
Ant-man crashing plane (civil war movie)

If Scott changes himself into an ant's size, then the volume is decreased and the mass remains same, which means he is more denser than actual. And also Scott sat on an ant (In Ant-Man movie) which is impossible as an ant cannot lift him.

Similarly, when Scott changes himself into a giant, his volume increases while mass being constant which makes him less denser even than air(maybe). And in the movie 'Civil War', he crushes a goods-auto and also breaks an aeroplane's wings.

Is it possible for such event for a person weighing 60-70kg?

It's clear, that mass varies with size. And the fact is Ant-Man shrinks or expands at constant density.

But how do mass change. Here comes the theory based explanation on it.

The Pym-Higgs Boson Field:

The Pym particles are the heart of ant-man superpowers. These particles are fictional and made by Hank Pym in Ant-Man movie. According to the movie, Pym particles reduce the atomic distance and help Ant-Man to shrink. 

But according to comics, the truth is Pym particles have wormhole like properties which can teleport mass and energy from one dimension to it's kosmic dimension.

Pym particles generate Pym field around it. And the higgs bosons which are the fundamental particles in physics, responsible for all physical forces generates higgs boson field. 

When Pym's field interacts with higgs boson field, Pym particles act as an intermediate which transfers mass and energy between our dimension and kosmic dimension. 

This way ant-man can gain and lose mass whenever he want. 

When Ant-Man sat on an ant, he reduces his mass accordingly and when Ant-Man wanted to crash something, he increased his mass. In every fight scott managed to knock down the opponent through getting energy from kosmic dimension via Pym particles.

How Do Ant-man Communicate With Ants:

Hank Pym created an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) communication device, an ear bud, which allows its user to command ants to do a variety of astonishing acts. 

And Pym also created his first "cybernetic helmet" having inbuilt EMP device, which would enable him to communicate with ants through transmitting and receiving psionic/ pheromonal/ electrical waves. 

How Ant-man Suit Works:

The ant-man's suit is made up of woven steel-mess allowing Scott to shrink or expand with the help of Pym particles. 

Simply the combination of Pym particles and this steel-mess suit is perfect for making the ant-man's superpowers possible.

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