11 Indian Traditions And The Science Defining Them

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Today I am going to discuss about some of the Indian traditions having strong scientific reasoning which everyone should follow for a better and healthy life. I am sure, all of you agree with me that our ancestors have far more knowledge than today's generation by the completion of this post.

First, Let us discuss some of the traditions followed by ancestors (a very few these days) and the scientific reasons behind them.

Worshiping Tulasi: 

Saint worshiping tulasi (source: pinterest)

The Tulasi is one of the most sacred plants in India. People worship Tulasi thinking it's auspisious. But the scientific reason is, tulasi is a medical plant cures almost all diseases in early times. Our ancestors know that today we are cutting down all the trees resulting mass deforestation. So they said tulasi is connected to Lord Vishu's, creator of universe and made people to worship it.

Visiting Temples Regularly: 

Early, temples are the most pleasant places. With lots of work pressure daily, people used to visit temples and had some pleasant time and enjoyed it. When people ring the temple bell, it creates vibration which will clear all the negative thoughts in our mind. 

But today, it became worst that, temples are not the pleasant places but became the most noisiest places, crowds is enough and big music systems. People don't know that temple is for refreshment, they just visit temples because they think that something bad will happen or god may curse them. 

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Mehendi During Functions: 

During functions, host and his family love to appear beautiful. Apart from lending color to one’s hands and feet, Mehendi prevents stress because it cools the body and prevents the nerves from getting tensed.

Keeping Namaskar To Others: 

Joining hands in Namaskar ensures joining fingertips and activates pressure points relating to eyes, ears, and mind, which enables us to remember a person for longer time. Also, it saves us from transfer of germs and infections.

Applying Tilakam On Forehead: 

Tilakam and Sandalwood (source: wikipedia)

The cooling effect of sandalwood relieves headache as the area between the eyebrows is considered as converging point of nerves. It is also considered as the position of the third eye, which is a source of all energies. Applying sandalwood keeps this area relaxed.

Drawing Muggu Patterns At Entrance: 

The rounded design of muggu (rangoli) creates a positive energy in the humans, bringing down their negative energy levels. The atmosphere has got both positive and negative energies. A rangoli should be mainly drawn using rice flour as it is also considered as a food offered to all the insects.

Early Morning Suryanamaskar: 

Namaskar asan in suryanamaskaralu (source: ndtv)

Surya Namaskar is usually done early in the morning and the habit of waking up early is always considered good and healthy. Getting the sun rays in the morning enhances vitamin-D in our body. Moreover looking at sun through water at the time is really beneficial for eyes and eventually for the whole body. Also suryanamaskar is a collection of different yoga-asanas.

Eating Food Sitting With Legs Cross-Folded: 

The idea isn’t just to sit on the floor and eat, it is to sit in the ‘Sukhasana’ or the Lotus pose, which improves smooth digestion and calms our body to begin digestion.

Applying Turmeric Paste To Gadapa's:

Applying turmeric paste to front door gadapa's, is a natural way to prevent diseases entering home along with our feet. It may be weird but its equally true. Turmeric contains a chemical which kills harmful micro organisms when applied on gadapa.

Turmeric paste & kunkum pattern (source: subhavastu)

Turmeric paste is also used as skin cover to make skin glow and remove acne. And turmeric is applied on wounds to prevent the bacterial infections that may enter into our body through blood at bleeding spot, it also helps in healing wound fast.

Using Copper Utensils: 

Copper is an antimicrobial. It stimulates the brain, aids in weight loss and slows down aging. According to the American Cancer Society, it helps in fighting off cancer.

Eating Food In Leaves:

Eating food on leaf is healthy. (source: wikipedia)

Eating food in leaves is healthy. When hot food served on the leaves, the hotness evaporates the leafy chemicals which is observed by the food. The intake of this food is a great natural way to be healthy.

At last, I am going to say that our ancestors and their cultures are the best and the healthiest. Today majority of the people forgot those traditions and acting luxurious. How much do you have never matters, if you have never followed our traditions even though they are useful to us. 

Really it's shameful. Because these traditions are introduced for our healthy life, still we are not following those.

I follow more than half of the above. Comment down below, how many of you follow the mentioned traditions and add some other if not mentioned in the comment box :)

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