A Myth Of Iron Man Being Real : The Comics And The Possibilities

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A pure and exact physics of Iron-Man inventions and technology. And a small tribute to my favorite super hero Iron Man. Iron man, forever is a genius. 

This is our second post on Marvel Physics || Science Fiction, our first post is about Ant Man's Suit and Pym Particle Technology. Unlike all trash theories, we gave a perfect theory about Pym Particles and how ant man shrinking and expanding works.

The Working Of Arc Reactor:

The Arc reactor is the ultimate source of energy for Iron-man's suit. Earlier arc reactor was designed by Howard Stark and used to power up the Stark Industries. Later when Tony was captured by terrorists, he powered up his armor with a miniature version of arc reactor.

Iron-man making arc reactor in caves
Iron Man creating Arc Reactor in caves.

The arc reactor is essentially a fusion type reaction between two hydrogen nuclei to form a heavier nuclei releasing energy. This process involves harnessing energy by removing electrons from Hydrogen atoms, creating ion-plasma which is the ultimate source of energy.

The circular part of the Arc Reactor tells us that there are highly energized particles moving in a circular path due to magnetic field produced by coils acting upon them, and thus generating energy through collisions, much like how the Large Hadron Collider works in real life.

Could Iron-Man Survive Using Arc Reactor?

Undoubtedly No. Arc reactor is an Hydrogen Fusion type reactor. Besides releasing huge amount of energy to power up armor, arc reactor also releases much heat which will burn Tony into death.

But in the comics, the arc reactor produces electricity without generating heat, which is currently impossible.

Why Iron-man Replaced Palladium With New Element?

The first miniature arc reactor developed by Iron Man uses palladium core. Tony used palladium for 2years and became aware that the palladium is slowly leaking into his blood stream. In other words, palladium core slowly poisoning Tony.

To overcome this problem, Tony recreated a new element which was earlier designed by Howard Stark using particle accelerator in his lab. Howard Stark also mentioned that he designed an element to replace palladium in arc reactor, but the technology of his time wasn't enough to create the element into existence.

The J.A.R.V.I.S Technology:

The JARVIS, Just A Rather Very Intelligent System was created by Tony Stark in the tribute for his childhood butler Edwin Jarvis and then also made an acronym for it.

In Tony's childhood, his father Howard Stark was busy working with SHIELD for pure renewable energy project and Tony's mother Maria Stark took the ownership of Stark Industries. So Howard's butler Edwin Jarvis looked after Tony. 

Coming to point, Tony's A.I., JARVIS is a highly advanced computerized system. It has the voice recognition and it also had the ability to respond to human emotions.

How Tony Stark Commands His A.I & Suit Actions Even Without Physical Words?

Yes guys, Tony Stark commands almost all of the actions directly through his mind. For example, he boost his suit's speed, he blasts his repulsors, he also activate missiles to the targets. These all actions are done using a brain-machine interface which is far more advanced.

I am right, it is more advanced and today there are some existing brain-machine interfaces which is used for certain segment of patients. Stephen Hawking used one of the advanced interface existing in real world. Elon Musk already started Neuralink Project and stated that it will be completed as soon as possible.

The brain-machine interface directly catches the electric impulses carried by our neurons using hair-thin electrodes. If you want to know more about brain-machine interface, must read: The Neuralink

The Nano-Technology Explained:

To understand just how Tony Stark’s latest wardrobe update works, let’s look at what he says about the technology. He states that the nanobots are stored in the Arc Reactor-like device on his chest. When he needs them, they expand out around him, covering him head to toe in a full body suit of advanced technology and weaponry. This means that the armor is likely made out of a large amount of 2-d materials, which are said to be the perfect materials for nanorobotics (phys.org).

Graphene is one such 2-d material, having high capability of conducting large amounts of energy. Graphene is one of a good choice for Iron Man's armor due to the nature of it’s weaponry. Graphene could easily controls the large energy fire off from the lasers and repulsors Tony use.

In the real world, nanotechnology is used for various purposes such as in Military and Medical. I am going to post an interesting article on nanotech, do subscribe to Vigyan Geeks and be the first person of your friends to read it.

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