The Science Of Spider-Man: The Comics And The Possibilities

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Today I am going to explain the science behind spider-man's super powers. This information is collected from our collaboration with Marvelism Official. This post clears all the myths, and explains you the superpowers of spider-man. We divide different abilities into different sub topics and try the best to explain it in a nutshell.

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Comics History:

Who is this Spider Man?

In the comics, Spider Man alias Peter Parker is an orphan raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in the New York city after his parents death in a plane crash. His story starts when a radio-active spider bites him, he acquires spider related abilities including spider-sense, super human strength and clinging to surfaces. Then he designed a wrist-mounted "web shooter" device that shoot artificial webbing.

The Weird Science:

During a school demonstration in radiation, vigyan geek(science enthusiast) Peter Parker was accidentally bitten by a radio-active spider. Soon Peter found he had developed amazing spider-related abilities.

A radio-active spider bite (comics art)

One of the every first power is climbing the walls. Peter, by the means of a conscious mental trigger that makes his fingertips and the soles of his feet very "clingy" so that he can easily race up the walls and ceilings made of any surface, even glass.

Spider Man Is A Genius:

Yeah, he his. It's clear that, In the world of MCU, Tony Stark is the most intelligent one. Also Peter Parker is an intellectual and genius person not as intelligent as Tony. He made his own web-shooter. Peter is both innovative and talkative in MCU.

How Much Weight Can Peter Lift?

An insect, specially Spider can lift 170* times their weight. And if Peter has inherited a spider's power, he could lift about 20,000 to 25,000 pounds, roughly translating to 10ton to 12ton. It is evident that, in the comics, Peter Parker proved that he can lift more than 12tons under extreme conditions.

The Spider-Sense:

One of the spider-related abilities Peter acquired is the Spider Sense, he detects the danger around him with this Spider Sense. In the comics and in the MCU, Peter's spider-sense causes Goose Bumps with a buzzing in the back of his skull.

The Web-shooter:

Here the dispute rises. In the comics, Peter acquired the webbing power by the fateful bite but in the MCU, he made the artificial webbing technology using his scientific knowledge.

Spidey mounting among the buildings (comics art)

As we already said, Web-shooting is not a super-power equipped by the spider bite but it is the technology designed by Peter. And only peter knows the composition of the web fluid. Peter designed a very portable wrist-mounted web shooter that can be fitted inside his costumes. The material used is similar to liquid nylon.

Peter uses webbing as an integral part of his strategic fights. He also uses web for the mode of transportation among the skyscrapers.

How Webbing Works?

Web is almost solid in it's compressed state. The web cartridge is stored under high pressure of 300 psi and loaded into the web-shooter while in use. Here how it works

  1. Shearing force is applied to the web fluid using a tiny turbine-pump vane.
  2. The fluid is driven through turbine and out the spinneret. This "cold-draws" the webbing, making it extra ordinarily strong.
  3. Upon contact with the air, the webbing molecules knit themselves into long, flexible and adhesive fibers.
After about an hour, the chemical bonds dissolve and webs disintegrate.

Nano-Tech Suit:

Of course, the nanotech Spider man costume or the suit is developed by Tony Stark. Tony Stark innovated the nanotech suit for his recruited young avenger spidey (Peter Parker). Know more about nanotech here.

The Reel vs Real:

As of now, this type of spidey's tech wasn't developed. But in the future, there is a scope for more scientific advancement.

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// sources: all the comics and the movie series //

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