What Happens Every Year In Space & Space Events Of 2021

Here are some interesting space facts that must be known to every Vigyan Geek. Also a small recap of special space events and launches of the year 2021.

This Happens Repeatedly Every Year:

  • The moon moved 3.8cm away from Earth.
  • The sun lost 174 trillion tonnes of it's mass & hence Earth's orbit increased by 1.5cm.
  • Appr. 150 billion stars formed in the visible Universe. And also the Universe expanded by more than 60 trillion km.
  • Andromeda galaxy moved 3.5 billion km closer to us.
  • Around 100 billion stars are born and equal are dead in which 25-35% of them will be turned into black holes.
Source: orf

Space Events Of 2021:

  • No doubt, Feb 18 2021 is the date every space enthusiast waited for a good news about the successful landing of Perseverance rover landing on mars.
  • On 7th April, OSIRIS-REx begins flyby to Bennu (Asteriod).
  • On 10th May, OSIRIS-REx completed Bennu flyby and begins journey back to earth.
  • 14th May is the date which made China the 2nd country to soft-land a rover "Zhurong" on mars successfully.
  • Jeff Bezos Claims "Best Day Ever" on 20th July, as he completes 10min, 10sec space flight.
  • James Webb Space Telescope is one of the finest space project of 2021 and NASA launched it successfully.
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