It Doesn't Mean You Can Buy It, Even If You Can Afford It

You read it right. You're allowed to buy anything you can afford. There is no law to object to it. But just think about nature. Purchasing new electronics gadgets even though you have similar perfectly working devices is not good for nature. Suppose you're having a flagship mobile just brought last year and if you're buying another smartphone that means you're producing electronic waste. 

Not one or two, lakhs of people do this just to show their status. Ultimately, lakhs of devices are just useless now. Some people may sell it on second hand sites, but most rich people have no time to do that. They just keep that old device in a store room or will throw it in the dustbin.

Disposing E-waste is not an easy task 

Electronic Waste or E-waste is a severe problem that is raising year by year and considered rapidly growing waste problem in the world. We generate about 50 million tonnes of E-waste every year, and it's increasing gradually.

According to Previous Data Records.....

Collecting E-waste is not an easy task, and handling it becomes much costlier than you think. Lot of efforts required to recycle them. Even though recycling is possible, the components may become old gen. Suppose, a smartphone with Soc 'X' is recycled where 'X' is first launched in 2018. Now SoC is reused in another phone in 2023, it's considered old gen and may not compete with smartphone in the same budget segment. This issue arises which cannot be solved easily. Think once when recycling becomes costly touching sky, MNC's and government raise their hand disclosing they aren't responsible for the shit we are presently dumping.

Effects of E-waste:

Foremost, all this E-waste is dumped on the soil and also into the oceans, resulting in pollution. Electronic waste includes batteries (lead, which is heavy metal and lithium a lighter one), semiconductors (motherboards, cathode tube display monitors, chargers and connecting cables, speakers and so on). Electronic components like CPU's contain harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, brominated flame retardants. Recycling of this type of materials may harm workers significantly. If disposed in the lands, the crops absorb these chemicals and as we are consumers oft the crops, we people are the end effectors.

In conclusion, what I want to convey is, never buy new electronic gadgets if you're using a worthy working tech gadget. No recycling is harm free. There will be at least some effects to the environment. Only reuse is the best remedy to this difficulty. If there is no option except to buy a new gadget, consider donating your old gadget to the needy. Remember, every gadget you throw away, not only affects the environment, but also harms yourself and your posterity.

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