It's Easy To Manipulate Human Brain Than You Think

Anyone reading this post played virtual reality games? If yes, then I bet you definitely felt you're in a whole new world.

People sometimes say, not everything we see is always true. Maybe it's right philosophically or may not, but actually true in case of Virtual Reality (VR).

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Even in the film 'Spider-Man far from home', Mysterio creates an entire new scene using illusion projections and manipulated people nearby to believe as it is the reality.

Now you need to realize how easy it is to trick the human brain virtually and that our entire Universe might not be real, but just a simulation.

I'm not sure our Universe is virtual, as we not only see, also we can sense things with a touch. But sometimes I doubt if at all this touch is also a manipulation!

What you feel, let me know down in the comments :)

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