Highlights of Apple's WWDC 2022

 A lot of people visiting this page are definitely apple fans, some are die hard lovers. Apple also cares for their ever-lasting loyal customers and considering their needs, it released some cool features with new iOS 16. That's it? No, updates are common, but the new MacBook M2 chip is special. Okay, let's have a brief look at apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022

source: Apple

Coolest iOS 16 Features:

  • Comes with a customizable lock screen.
  • Semi live Wallpapers (which Xiaomi had for years)
  • Edit and undo messages in iMessages.
  • Can copy and paste text from videos.
  • Can crop the subject instantaneously in any portrait photo and paste it in chats as a sticker.
  • Automatically add punctuation in speech to text.
  • Apply pay later which can split into 4 and with zero interest.
  • Apple Wallet holds everything like DL, virtual keys and more.
  • Apple Maps, 3d views with better visual effects.
  • Notifications now won't cover the lock screen now. 

MacBooks Launched:

The new MacBooks come with the latest M2 chip, which shows little improvement in CPU performance and moderate improvement in GPU performance compared to M1. The power consumption is little less than M1, which significantly improves the overall battery backup in new MacBooks. Apple launched MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro 13" with M2 chipset. The new MacBook Air got MagSafe charging port and audio jack port along 2 thunderbolt 'C' ports, which is better than MacBook Air M1 which has only 2 thunderbolt C ports. The MacBook Air M2 is designed with a notch for camera instead of a complete border, thus increasing screen to body ratio. The MagSafe charging port is missing in MacBook Pro 13" M2, which left people in confusion.

This is just something about Apple's WWDC 2022. Anything left? Will update soon. Until then keep sharing, and you know, sharing is caring. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and take care, what's in your mind? Let me know down in the comments :) 

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