How Good is a 5G Phone Over a 4G Phone?

You just brought a new smartphone. They advertise their products have the best display and best performance in the market. Wait, is that real? And choosing 4g smartphone in Q2, 2022 is really worthy?. Let me clarify it for you. If you're confused between AMOLED or 5g features in the same budget and except display all are good in the 5g smartphone, then just go blindly for 5g. Display experience is always great in AMOLED, but normal user cannot differentiate them.

The 5g processors architecture is more advanced and well optimized than 4g chipsets. Also, the AMOLED displays have screen issues. And if you are an angry person like me, please don't choose AMOLED, you will definitely regret the decision of choosing AMOLED instead of 5g. If you know, you know.

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Not every 5g SoC beats 4g processors. Dimensity 700 is not so good compared to other 4g processors in the same budget. Whereas dimensity 800 and above are fine. Any media consumers reading this post? Don't argue AMOLED is the best. Nothing is perfect, everything has their pros and flaws. My intension is that display doesn't matter when it comes to performance. Again, it doesn't mean that very poor 720p display is good with good SoC's like in Samsung M42 5G. But some excellent phones exist with LCDs and they worth it. IQOO Z6 5G and Samsung M33 5G are among those. I tried to convey the truth and hope it benefits you.

Some 5G smartphones which are really worthy in budget (near 15K, which compromises AMOLED) are;
  1. IQOO Z6 5G
  2. Samsung M33 5G
  3. Realme narzo 50 5G
  4. Poco M4 pro 5G
That's all mates, please consider buying 5g smartphones for long term usage over 4g with AMOLED, this will be future-proof and also, if screen gets damaged replacement of LCD is affordable. 

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