13 = 14. Just Apple Things, Right?

13 = 14? Mathematically it's impossible, but Apple can make it possible. Jokes apart 😂

Technically Not! There are slight improvements in iPhone 14 which I am going to describe in this post.

Foremost, what are in common?

Lol, Almost everything. Everything, display, camera setup, design aspects, CPU (not SoC) and guess battery life too.

Source: Apple Event

The differences cannot be seen by many people, as almost all are the same. But there are some technical improvements, but not worth in the price point. As everyone knows, after the launch of the new iPhone series, older ones get slightly cheaper and hence the price gap will be increased.

But what are those improvements?

  1. I mentioned CPU but not SoC as the GPU cores are different in iPhone 14. Because a SoC (System on chip) is a combination of necessary circuits and chips including CPU, GPU and Modems. In the iPhone 14, the A15 bionic chipset had 5 core GPU, which was previously used in iPhone 13 pro and pro max. Whereas the iPhone 13 has 4 core GPU. Therefore, the graphics performance increases slightly.
  2. There are some improvements in the camera department also, The sensor size and focus is improved, so more light can be taken in, which ultimately improves night photography. Remember, the pixels are same, 12MP but the sensor size is changed.
  3. Thirdly, the iPhone 14 has emergency SOS satellite communication which is subscription based (free for the first 2 years of purchase, then the plan based price isn't mentioned by Apple). This helps in emergency communication when there is no signal provided by telecom partners.

Final Verdict:

As of my knowledge, the improvements are not worth the price difference. If you have different thoughts, please do mention them in the comments.

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