Why Engineering? & The Man Behind Engineer's Day

Foremost, A very Happy Engineer's Day to everyone reading this post on any day, because one day isn't enough for the celebration. 15th September is just one day to represent it.

What the term "Engineering" is?

The term engineering is derived from the Latin ingenium meaning "cleverness" and ingeniare means to invent something. Engineers are those who invent, design, analyse and build technologies that are helpful for the society.

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Why Engineering?

Engineers are innovators, the term itself reflects it. Innovation and creativity has a power to change the world. It means that the engineers are having the power to change the world through their innovations.
Have you ever wondered some of these innovations makes people lazy and few of them gives lives to people and few gives opportunity to explore the world and few gives job opportunities and few also takes away job opportunities from us but if you observe most of the innovations have made to make people life comfortable?

I'll explain to you. Washing our clothes by hands is replaced by washing machine, earlier days we used to travel by walking now it's replaced with tyres of Vehicles.
From bullock carts to rockets 🚀, from hearth to microwave, from storing rainwater in rivers, ponds, lakes to building dams, from normal conversation to telecommunication, heat energy from coal to thermal nuclear energy, being a human to creating an artificial human (robots), from living in earth to living in space station, boat to submarines etc. all these massive transitions took place because of innovations done by engineers.
Being an engineer is one of the best profession where we can impact and contribute to the society through our innovations. 

The Man Behind Engineer's Day

Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya was the man behind celebration of engineers day. Every year it is celebrated on his birth anniversary, sep15. It is also celebrated to encourage and appreciate the efforts of engineers they put in country's development.

Visvesvaraya was born to Telugu Brahman family in the Muddenahalli village in Karnataka. He graduated as a civil engineer from college of engineering, Pune. After graduating, he worked as an assistant engineer in the Public Works Department of Bombay. It is mainly entrusted with the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, and government buildings in Bombay.
  1. He was famous for his Civil engineering skills and was also awarded the nation's highest honour, Bharat Ratna for his work.
  2. He designed the flood protection system for Hyderabad. 
  3. He also designed and developed automatic flood gates at Khadakvasla Reservoir near Pune.
  4. He was knighted by the British Indian Empire as a “Knight Commander” for his engineering contributions to the public. 
  5. He also played a crucial role in establishing the Government Engineering College in Bangalore, now named as University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, which is one of the top most college in Karnataka. 
  6. He got several honorary degrees from eight universities in India.
  7. He was also part of construction between Tirumala and Tirupati.
  8. He was called the "Father of Modern Mysore State".
  9. He was one of the main candidate in developing a system to protect Visakhapatnam port from sea erosion.
In his lifetime of 102 years he achieved many awards, and he is one of the inspirational person for all the engineers.

Every year, India educates 15 lakh engineering graduates, but only few create an impact and change in the society through their innovations and problem-solving skills.

On this day we should also remember the engineers and Vigyan Geeks namely A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Satish Dhawan, Narayan Murthy and many more who are part of our nation's development.

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