About Vigyan Geeks

"From Ancient Science to today's Engineering Technology everything is related to Cosmos, Simply we all made of space dust" - Vigyan Geeks.
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Knowingly or unknowingly, you are at the right place. I am Jayanth Sakunaveeti, started this blog to make people experience their thoughts and to learn new stuff related to Science. Those students of engineering and degree will fall in love with pure Science, Technology and Engineering stuff.
We post different topics on Science and Engineering as a basement. Many watch fictional films, but not all can catch the scientific theme. We explain everything: theories, gadgets or any designs used in the fictional films. We also mostly target on Mechatronics (both Mechanical and Electronics) engineering. You can also find space related content here. You know what? We also make weekly DIY projects with a complete guide to it. Why late, subscribe to us and be the first to read our articles.